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    PS- In further news, on-topic only if one frequently makes cognitive associations like I do..., Science Daily - Substantial Evidence for Holographic Universe

    I find this exciting. An analogy - What 3D artists do on a 2D screen is somewhat analogous to what the Universe does to us every darn day - LIE! :) (I'm a Susskind fan, what can I say?) It's not quite, exactly, pushing into the "simulation argument", but it certainly deals directly with some quirks of information theory.

    I read the abstract of the published paper referenced in the science daily article. It seemed, as far as I could tell, to contradict the headline, but I'm not qualified to assert that in public. However, I found somebody else who is qualified and did point this out in public:

    Fake News of the Holographic Universe

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    Aha... So, it appears that the standard "news" articles have sensationalized the actual publication articles. No doubt, due to mention of the word "hologram", which is a decent analogy, but only just that. I've read other popular articles that link a "holographic universe" with The Matrix and "Universe as a Simulation" subjects, which really doesn't have a lot to do with it.

    Tks for that link! I had just come across the original article at the time of the post, so figured it'd be an interesting "food for thought" addition. Pity it wasn't more... nutritious. :)