Take opacity out of layer?

  • Hi there

    What would be the easiest way of taking the opacity out of a layer while maintaining the apparent color tone.

    Ex: A 100 % red blob painted with 50 % opacity appear to be pink due to the white paper background.
    Now I want to make the layer non-opaque while keeping the pink look.

    Hope the question is clear.


  • This isn't an easy one. You can't assume that 100% red would be 100% opaque pixels; it isn't (it's more around 60-70%). That means a 50% opaque red is not 50% opaque pixels; it's more like 30-35%. You'd be better off trying to do what you're doing with a blend mode.

  • Thanks for the answer Garlam

    In the meantime I have come up with this AutoAction

    I is only testet in one situation.

    If you try it make sure the green layer is selected


    File in next post


  • I can't upload the example file.
    There is a limit.

    Here is the action file

    It fits 300dpi

    By chekmarking (right collum ) the individual parts of the Action you can be promted for finetuning.


    OK I can't upload the Action either.

    Here is a screenshot of it

    0_1486228150528_Skærmbillede 2017-02-04 kl. 18.08.34.png

    A filter "Convert Opacity to Tint" would be better