Delete key won't "clear"

  • I am no longer able to delete selected images using my delete button. Not a major issue, but having that del option using the keyboard has been part of my workflow.
    I'm not sure what went wrong - I'm pretty sure it's a keyboard shortcut setting problem but an anyone confirm?


  • The Delete key should clear the current layer... or if there is a mask or selection then clear within the selection on the current layer. You can also shift click multiple layers and then Delete-clear them all. It does not remove the layer and it has no effect on Paper layers or tonal correction layers. It also does not clear the content of Hidden layers or locked layers... so there are a few scenarios that might make you think its not working.

    On the Edit menu there is a Clear command... does it have "del" next to it on the menu ( indicating its shortcut key) ?

  • Thank you for the response. I checked and found that the "clear" section was marked as "back space" instead of of "del".

    After switching to "back space" the delete space now works to clear my mistakes

    Thank you again for shedding light on this.