Problem Dson Import for Mac

  • excuse me recently I switched to mac where am I wrong? Now Genesis 3 out so someone can help me Thanks


  • @alba11

    Let's start at the beginning. There is good news and bad news.

    The good news - the g3 series of figures can work in Poser.
    The bad news - there are a number of steps involved to get it working. You also need to have some understanding of DS, and since you are on a Mac, you will need some type of emulation to get it going (VM, Parallels, Virtual Box, etc)

    DAZ's genesis figures were never designed to work in Poser. That doesn't mean that you can't use them, but you will have to take a number of extra steps. You may not know a lot about the internal workings of Poser or DS, but you will have to learn stuff - there is more involved than Load, Conform, Make Art. In addition, the g3 figure has some additional steps that are required that the g1 & g2 series didn't require. Don't worry, the steps aren't hard, there are just a number of them.

    Let's start with the version of DSON you are using - the 1.2 series has a bug that causes divots to show up in the mesh (neck and ankle). Go to DAZ and get the 1.1 version. It should be in your purchases list - it's the one with (inactive) by it.

    One other thing to be aware of - DSON uses the Poser add-on framework. That is run through Python - it is 32-bit, which means that you will be dealing with the 2Gb per process limit. Every .duf must be processed by the DSON importer. In practical terms, see that spinning beach ball? You will be seeing it a lot. (How do you get around that? - Save out as much as you can in Poser native formats. Everything can be made Poser-native (figures, morphs, poses, materials, etc.) It's in your best interests to do so (unless you like getting a cup of coffee each time you try do do something).

    Another thing you need to understand is that the g3 series of figures have facial bones (In Poser, they are called control surfaces); they also have different method of weight-mapping that isn't recognized by the DSON importer (that would require DAZ to fix their product - I don't recommend you holding your breath on that). You will need to spend a little quality time (30 seconds) in DS making changes to the g3 figure so that the DSON importer can get the product working in Poser.

    Over at 'Rosity in the Poser forum, there is a thread called:
    Render DAZ Genesis 3 in Poser!!!!!! Now you can-FREE!
    They have 2 pdf files that show what you need to do, step by step. In addition, there is a free video on YouTube that will take you through the process (it is painful to watch, however).

    In addition, there is also a support forum for the product over at 'Rosity:
    willdial & luluee Answers- Genesis 3 to Poser-FREE Utility Help Forum

    Lululee also has a tutorial for sale at 'Rosity:
    Genesis 3 to Poser 11 without going into Daz Studio
    It's on sale until the 15th of Feb.

  • i am on mac and managed to get it working in crossover. crossover by codeweaver does not require a windows installation on your mac ie much safer and cheaper. However I don't really think genesis is worth the trouble. a bit slow in poser.

  • @estherau
    It depends on what you are using the grey golum for estherau. If it is for the same generic, early 20's females, I'd agree with you. If you are looking to expand beyond that, it can have some uses. For instance, the 1st generation of the golum is still considered the best for non-humans. Dariofish's HFS Races at 'Rosity, and Luthabel's Cthulhu Rising was why I started working to get DS content working in Poser.

    The golum also gets us kids - something that simply doesn't exist as far as the Poserverse is concerned. And before you point me to Lyrra's child scaling morph, remember that there is more involved than just height & ratios - It's a bit disconcerting to see 7 yo kids with facial stubble or mammalian protuberances (to quote Frank Zappa).

    The other thing it gets us is more non-Caucasians. Granted, it isn't very many, but with as few as there are out there, I'll take what I can get - especially since I know that eventually EVERYTHING ends up in fast grab at 70% off (which is all that most of it is worth).

  • yes, i do see. the dson script slows things though.
    anyway i see another younger V4 is out now and her body shape looks realistic, well at least to me.

  • @estherau
    But it is just another white girl - like there aren't enough of those already.

  • @ssgbryan If you've got some good skins for poc, problem solved. (For black characters, I like Reciecup's work. I think her "Doll" is still available for free.)