Tips/tricks? Swipes? Taps? Getting use out of low-spec devices?

  • Hello all. I've been using Clip Studio Paint for just over a year and like it quite a bit. I currently run it on two tablet PCs. The first is a Samsung Ativ Tab 3 and the other is a Wacom Companion (1st generation).

    I was wondering mostly about about getting some more function out of my Ativ Tab 3. I believe at this point it's basically equivalent to a netbook with an active stylus and touchscreen. It's handy to sketch with though because it's large enough to not strain my eyes and light enough not to hurt my wrist. Do you have any suggestions on squeezing some more performance out of a lower spec device like this?

    My second question is regarding touch, tap, swipe, etc. functions on both tablet PCs. I also have a little Android tablet running Infinite Painter and it's got a great little UI that you can configure to flip horizontal on a double tap, long press for color picker, etc. Is it possible to set these functions up in Clip Studio paint as well?

    Much thanks in advance. :^)