Dust Shader

  • Hello everyone,

    a while ago Ghostship linked a Youtube video about how to create a dust shader in Blender.


    I tried to recreate this shader for superfly. My results don't look quite as good ads in the video but it basically works. So, this is a WIP, not something really ready, I'm open for all kinds of improvement.

    The shader uses a dust mask, which tries to mask the surfaces facing upwards. I put this part of the shader in a compound node:

    0_1486621323236_Dust Mask.jpg

    This compound nodes produces a Mask based on the normals of any object. The simple color node linked to an input is used for making the effect stronger or less strong. Probably a number would work here too.

    0_1486621804559_dust shader.jpg

    This compound uses the Dust Mask from above. It's the dirt shader. It works as a kind of overlay - the input accepts an existing shader and puts dust on it. Dust Color, Strength and the color node of the masks are additional parameters. Note that the map used is from the tutorial, probably the scale is wrong in Poser. I've got better results with a bigger scale in the mapping node.

    This is how the node is used:

    And this is how it looks:


    As I said, comments welcome.

  • I would have liked to upload the shader here, but it seems that I'm lacking the privileges to do so.

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    I've upvoted your posts to get you closer to upload privileges.

  • I'm not an expert on the cycles stuff but just wondering if we could just use the Poser image node instead of the three Cycles nodes (Image texture, Mapping, Texture Coordinate)? Just to make it a bit more simple.

  • Yes, the Poser image map works, after adjusting the scale.

    I would prefer procedural dust without a map, though.

    Nevertheless here is the shader like posted above:


  • @bantha I agree. Would prefer procedural to image map.