"Tone" setting in Layer Property not working

  • Since doing a reinstall of Windows 10 and the latest update of CSP, if I set Layer Property to "Tone", the only visible change is that the outer edges of my lines become jagged in appearance; nothing is actually converted to a tone. Adjusting "Number of Screen Frequency" seems to alter the 'jaggedness' of my lines, but no amount of adjustment reveals a tone effect.

    Anyone have any thoughts?

  • If your lines are black then the tone will be at 100% density (or black). If you have anti-aliasing on the line the edges will have a little grey which is why you get some jagged appearance on the edges. The tone is translating the grey pixels of the anti-aliasing to dots.

  • Wow, how did I not know that? I use this feature all the time, and I had no idea. Much appreciated, garlam.