Rigging a leg brace

  • I made a simple leg brace for M4 for a scene I'm doing. Most of what I make ends up as dynamic. The few things that were conforming (mostly shoes and boots) were run through the fitting room because I have no idea what I'm doing in the setup room. The brace obviously can't be dynamic. If I use the fitting room, it distorts at the knee as it bends. How do I fix this?

    0_1486766788229_leg straight.jpg

    0_1486766804694_knee bent.jpg

  • @redphantom

    Bending is check as "off" in the figure menu for that group? (Looks like it is.)

    Usually, joint settings have to be fine-tuned for any conforming clothing. They just don't have the same geometric centers and copying the rig from the figure won't usually give excellent results. It can give "good enough" results for a lot of things, though. I've always fine-tuned joint settings and it's easy to do.

    You could make this dynamic, though. There's nothing there keeping it from being dynamic. Using the hard-decoration, soft decoration, constrained, etc settings and assigning the appropriate materials or groups in the Cloth Room would work fine, even for something that is supposed to look "rigid." But, I agree, rigging it in some fashion is best.

    Have you tried a combination of conforming item with props set to "point to" values? For instance, a conforming piece for the straps, an invisible "hinge" bit or something and smart-parenting the rigid sections to the conforming cloth, but giving them a "point to" attribute to the "hinge." That might work fairly well.

    If you want it all as a conforming item, going into the Joint Editor and setting it up for that is your only real option. Turn off bends, use a simple rig with no deformer zone/sphere/capsule, adjusting joint-centers if necessary, etc..

    JCM's are an option, as well.

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    I would open the Joint editor and check the center of the Joint.
    Compare the Joint center with the Joint center of M4's knee, and see exactly where it is.
    Then set the brace center as close as possible.
    If weightmapped => Paint the Joint until you get exactly as you like.
    For such precision, it might also be required to paint the Bulge map.

    If you want conventionally rigging, it is going to require some delicate placing of the Bend Fall off zones (inner and outer).

  • The bend was checked. I tried unchecking it and it actually improved some. It's not weightmapped. The joint centers look like they are exactly in the same spot. Moving them had no effect. Changing the bend fall off zones didn't effect that end. It messed up the foot end bad.

  • I would probably rig something like this as a parented prop instead of conforming. Since you want to maintain rigidity, you really don't want a conformer.

    Look at a suit of armor with shin guards, etc. See how those are rigged.

    As a conformer, there is simply no way to get rid of the knee balloons of M4, which are just as bad as his shoulder balloons.

  • Indeed parented prop would be the way to go. Two different props. Upper leg part with center at connection with thigh 'looking' at centre of lower leg parented part, which should then be at the joint.

  • If you need to include M4 morphs, I would rig the straps as conforming (add one just above the knee, though) and then rig the braces as props parented to the straps.

  • Here's what I got with turning off the bends on the conformer

    0_1486842353791_rigged bend off.png

    and here is what I got with 2 props parenting to the thigh and calf


  • @redphantom With the conforming straps, you are going to have to modify the spherical rigging to make them work properly. Just copying from M4 is never enough - you have to do some work on the rigging itself.

  • How do I modify the spherical rigging? I tried using the joint editor and changing things in there but nothing happened. I also tried changing the inner and outer changing things both in the parameter dials and things on the joint editor pallet and nothing is happening.

  • Here's a good video tutorial from PhilC:


  • The video helped. Thanks so much.

    [link text](<iframe width="560" height="315" src="

    " frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>)

    I know the walk isn't right for wearing this kind of brace but it's the only one I had that worked with m4. It was actually one for Dork.

  • @redphantom Coool! Nicely done.