can you add inverse kinematics to a figure?

  • I have a two legged figure in poser.
    But it is without inverse kinematics.
    Can I add it?

  • Yes, open the heirarchy editor window, scroll down to IK Chains. Select it, then click Create IK Chains button which will highlight.

    Give the chain a name, then starting at the top add items to that chain by dragging them down onto the chain, e.g. hip, thigh, shin, etc.

    Make sure you do them in order or you'll have to reload the figure and start anew

  • thanks for your help. but sadly it has not turned to be easy. I did say that the figure I was hoping to add it to had two legs, yes this is true. But it is not human, its LG09 combat mach from daz its legs have a few more bit to them. So do not take to adding inverse kinematics. shame. But thanks again for your help