Mat pose files for generic objects

  • Hi, I know that I can create MT5 files for generic objects, ie, they don't have to apply a material to a named object and sub part, but how do I do that with PZ2 mat pose files? I've noticed that when I create material files, they use actor $current and although they use a named sub-actor, can nevertheless be applied to any object or part. Tried entering Actor $current in a PZ2 file but nothing happens when I try to apply this to even the same object the file was taken from.

  • Hey Mat

    In the materials room you have a choice of making a single material or a material that covers multiple zones. You can go deeper and choose what zones you want it to save and affect when used. The single material will paste on any single zone you want. The multi zone material will give you a warning when trying to paste it on something that doesn't have the same zones as when you saved the material.

    Make sure you edit the zones covered when you are saving a multi zone mat from a character that is wearing clothing or hair because the zones from these will be in the list.

  • @matb Also, PZ2 materials are the old way of doing materials. Some vendors still think this is how it should be done and waste their own time in some text editor making mat poses when they could just use the material library.

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    I don't think matb was asking if pz2 should be used when clearly mt5 is better and approved.

    I think he was asking can it be done and if so, how?

    Answer is no.

  • Thank you baggins. You're correct, I have already created materials in MT5 format, but I was advised by CGBytes to additionally provide materials in PZ2 format as some people prefer that format.

    But thanks Ghost for the advice! :-)

  • @matb yeah, tell them to piss up a rope. Or maybe explain to them why the PZ2 files are not needed.

  • @ghostship Lol - well they're really only restarting their store again, but they've been very good for me, so I think I'll be a little politer than that :-) but thank you as always my friend, for your helpfulness!