Is there CSP 1.6.2 full installation option?

  • Is there any way to make a full installation of the latest CSP 1.6.2 with everything included instead of downloading everything on the fly while using?
    That keeps me from upgrading, I'd rather have everything at once and ready.

  • I assume you're talking about the materials. You can download all of the materials from the new included Clip Studio app that comes with the update. There is an option to download materials as needed or to download them all at once (it takes a very long time).

  • That's very good that there is such an option.
    But what about future reinstallations or installation on another PC? Do I have to download it all again?
    I think it would be nice to have a choice (on the disc or for downloading) between normal installation as it is now and everything-at-once installation for keeping and having ready for quick full reinstallation anytime.

  • You can backup your materials folder to avoid having to re-download. Go to Documents>Celsys_EN>CLIPStudioCommon to backup your materials.