Poser ADD?

  • I've got "selective" ADD irl, which is very manageable most of the time, but with Poser it's really bad. I could be hyper focused on getting a scene just right, spend hours or days working on it, then while I'm browsing for a prop or material I see something... maybe it's a article or clothing or a figure morph I haven't used in a while. What happens next? I abandon what I was working on and start messing around with what I just found until the next thing catches my eyes. This happens to me all the time and the more stuff I buy for my scenes, the more this happens and the less likely I'll actually finish anything.

    Does this happen to anyone else?

  • All the time :) Although for me it's more likely I'll get out blender and start making a dress or some furniture or whatever and spend so long on it that I haven't done what I was planning to do in Poser :)


  • Big time. I have about ten planned scenes and the same number of scenes waiting to be rendered.

  • Usually, I have to be doing 2 or three things at once. I'll be working in poser, watching tv, writing a story and online all at once. Usually, if a scene gets abandoned, it's because I couldn't do something at the time. I usually have every intention to go back to it but I rarely do.

  • @johndoe641 said in Poser ADD?:

    Does this happen to anyone else?

    All to frequently. For me, it's personal projects involving lots of modeling, texturing, blah, blah, focused on a freebie or just something I wanted to explore for Poser. I find myself with a huge number of unfinished projects that I always plan on "getting back to, later, after I finish this new cool thing." :)

  • I suspect this is probably a normal side effect of having a particular kind of creative mind. I take the view that as long as I'm having fun, I'm achieving my aims. Whether I end up rendering something, learning something, or having a tidy library matters little.

    If I was producing art or 3D assets to a deadline (my one self-imposed one or someone else's) it would be a pain in the neck, of course; which is one reason why I don't do those things...