Anyone know how to set Cintiq Expresskeys as tools in CSP?

  • Ideally I'd like to make it so that when holding a particular Expresskey, my stylus will function as an eraser, then revert to the previous tool when I release the key.

    Is this possible in CSP?

    Anyone know of a tutorial on this and/or other more granular settings available in CSP?

  • To be able to temporarily switch to another tool and then on button release come back to original tool.... you would use the settings that you can make in File>Modifier Key Settings. Any combination of Shift, Alt, CTRL and Space can be set to change to another tool. When you set the modifier keys for say a Pen then these settings affect all PENS...but you can have different settings for all Brushes or for all fill tools or for all magic wands etc. You can also use the Modifier settings to say what the PENS should do when you click the stylus front and back buttons or use the "eraser" back of the stylus. Be aware that if you have it to switch to another tool ( e'g to a fill or select tool ) the tool property palette will still show the settings for the tool (Pen) that you started from....i.e. you cannot change detailed settings of the tool when in this temporary state.

    Personally I have the Cintiq express keys set to Shift Alt CTRL ans Space and I use the touchstrip for undo ,.redo. This gives me the most option and for a Pen I also can Fill ( with the button) or change it to a magic wand or change it to a lasso or use back as an eraser , or the stylus can become the hand tool or the rotate tool or the zoom tool or the EYE Dropper, or Straight line, or use CTRL + ALT to be able to drag a change to brush size.

  • I like to use the option to switch tool temporarily by pressing the tool shortcut (for instance if I want to quickly fill drawn shape). You have to make sure that this option is enabled in the preferences>tool panel. In the shortcut settings you change all the shortcuts to your liking, you can even set a shortcut to one particular pen for instance.

    I use the expresskeys on my intuos mainly for rotating, panning and zooming and brush resizing. But I must say I use the keyboard buttons more often as I find them easier and quicker (muscle memory i guess)

    I almost never use the eraser button, instead I use the "C" shortcut to switch back and forth between color and transparency, which makes your tool behave like an eraser.

    When drawing on vector layers I like to use the shift button to switch to the vector eraser.