Simple node sets for displacement/bump ...

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    Would like some help in building "bare bones" bump/displacement map settings for combo PoserSurface root node. (backward compatibility) Since Superfly handles displacement/bump a little differently ... I still feel on most textures a hint of displacement adds realism.

  • I'm not sure there can be a generic or "bare bones" solution. Displacement can add realism, but it can't always be used with SF - it depends on whether the object mesh is fine enough (or can be subdivided enough) to achieve smooth, realistic displacement for whatever shape & scale is being modelled.

    When I updated the materials in Stonemason's Streets of the Mediterranean for Superfly, I had to abandon displacement completely, since his constructions are low-polygon and I couldn't subdivide them enough. (I don't have the skill, time or inclination to do it outside Poser!)

    My rule of thumb is to use displacement for an object's shape and bump for its surface - but these are really just the same thing at macro and micro scales, and it's not always clear where one ends and the other begins. For example, with a suitable mesh I would generally model mortar grooves with displacement and the rough mortar and stone surfaces with bump; but this setup would give rough-hewn stones a straight rendered edge, which to a critical eye, or in a close up view, can look wrong. Displacement for the surface might be more appropriate in this case.

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    Agree ... although I would like to know what tweeks SF needs to get displacement to work on a good mesh. Some clothes and skin (for close up renders need displacement, even if it is subtle. Hate the plastic/glass smooth edges.

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    There are no tweaks. SuperFly displacement just moves the vertices, not the faces, of polygons. Its closer to a morph than displacement.

    You can subdivide so there are more vertices, but that's it.

  • I don't see why there should be any tweaks for displacement. You can use the same displacement value (in your selected units), the same displacement map, and the same adjustment to make sure that the map shade that represents zero displacement is fed into the PoserSurface input as a zero value.

    I think the same goes for bump, except that you do not need any zero adjustment.

    Edit: oops, cross-posted with BB.

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    @chriswwd said in Simple node sets for displacement/bump ...:

    I think the same goes for bump, except that you do not need any zero adjustment.

    Be very careful about phrases like "you do not need". It could be that you do, but only other people ever noticed the flaws in your work.

    There is a thread somewhere on Rendo where I clearly show artifacts caused by not taking the zero-position into account on a bump map, in places where tight crevices form, such as nostril-face junctures.

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    It is better to say "You usually do not need" and "although I probably have visual flaws in my renders, I don't bother".

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    I found the thread I'm talking about.
    Click me

    Wrong way:

    Right way:

  • @bagginsbill
    Oh... thanks for the correction. I missed that thread, and my own bump tests were not rigorous enough to see these effects!

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    @bagginsbill @chriswwd This is fantastic!!! thank you for find that! and for added perspectives. :thumbsup:

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