• Good for you ! I use Shade 3D 16 standard with Poser; not yet on the Substance Painter train, though.

  • Where did you purchase Shade3d? I went to the website and it had a notice that said Mirye was no longer making Shade3D.

  • @maestro
    At Smith Micro Graphics website [http://my.smithmicro.com/poser-add-ons-shade-3d.html](link url)

    or from their own place:

    [https://shade3d.jp/en/](link url)

  • I've been modifying Shade 3D scenes for my own Poser use. Probably anime or toon style backgrounds.

    2_1487226479557_sroom4_and_stuffMODtoon.png 1_1487226479557_sroom4_and_stuffMOD.png 0_1487226479556_sroom4_and_stuff.png

  • @ibr_remote Nice start there! I had been going back and forth on which modeling software to use. I would love to get zbrush, but right now - its going to have to wait. If I manage to learn what I'm doing, sell some quality products then Ill consider it but not before then.

    It's nice to see someone else that uses Shade though, its not a very well known modeler but its very powerful. For those that might be interested I also purchased these tutorial series, one of which is free:

    Introduction to Shade 3D (this one is free)

    CG illustration with Shade3D - vol. 1

    They are very well done and informative.

  • @Lotharen

    Start with a simple prop. It doesn't matter what it is. Go through the steps of UV'ing, as well - You will need the practice. Import it into Poser. Look at it... Open up the Joint Editor and change its rotation centers so you get a feel for how that works, too. Save it as a prop. (Once that is saved as a prop, Poser will compress the .obj data into its .obz/pp? format and store that info in the prop file, itself, so the original object is no longer needed. Note - That is only for prop and prop-like files. Poser won't compress rigged object geometry and store the geometry in the CR2, (Which we're thankful for...) so you need to have those stored in the Geometries folder, somewhere.)

    Make your subdirectories in Poser for your own use. ie: "Mystuff. Make one for each library you're going to be playing with making things for. Also, make a Mystuff folder in Textures and Geometry and you'll probably want one for the Mat Room, too, when you play with customizing shaders for your stuffs.

    Open up some geometry files for items you think are "neat." (DON'T SAVE OVER THEM! :) ) Look at how they're created. If you have a good understanding of how rigged items work in Poser, you can go ahead and start trying to create some geometry for conforming items. Start out simple, like a hat. Move on to more complex stuff, etc.

    Just about any 3D tutorial for a polygon modeler is going to go over many of the same concepts. The "laws" for polygonal modeling are pretty much the same, everywhere, and, AFAIK, Shade should follow the same conventions as its brethren.

    I'm sure there are plenty of tutes on creating Conforming Clothing for Poser out there. That's probably the only app-specific tutes you'd want to hunt down.

    Above all - Choose things you're really interested in, first, to create. You'll need the motivation to carry you through the learning-bits part. Set your standards high! Try to get the geometry "perfect" as possible, go for good geometric symmetry wherever it is desired instead of "good enough" symmetry, do not get in the habit of creating "good enough" UVMaps, work in the appropriate scale, always, to avoid issues. (Not sure the recommended settings for Shade. For many programs, importing a "Poser made" item is done at varying degrees of increased scale, then exported at a complimentary rescaling down. For instance, for Hexagon, recommended import wavefront object formula is x500 in, .002 out, which equals "1." Any import multipliers you choose that equal 1 when multiplied will work. The reason - Poser's objects are... very, very, very, obscenely, tiny, tiny... itsy-bitsy things.)

  • @Lotharen

    All my clothes for my Paul Anime character and for the Pauline figure (released at shareCG) are made using Shade 3D and Poser Pro 11.

  • @ibr_remote said in What...have...I...done!:


    All my clothes for my Paul Anime character and for the Pauline figure (released at shareCG) are made using Shade 3D and Poser Pro 11.

    Oh nice! You go by the same name there?

  • @Lotharen Thise freebies are under my account name infinity10 at sharecg . Thanks for looking !

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    @ibr_remote said in What...have...I...done!:

    @Lotharen Thise freebies are under my account name infinity10 at sharecg . Thanks for looking !

    42 pages of stuff! You are prolific. awestruck