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  • Getting to know my software. Want to make a very short, um... short. Nothing extraordinary. Open program and get Andy2 figure. Go to library, add 4 more Andy's, 2 on either side. Original Andy leans forward and looks to the right. Stands back up, looks to left, stands up, gives meek wave. Now, I want Andy to the right (andy4) to stand at attn until Andy1 finishes wave and Andy4 glances over and looks back. When I move Andy4, his animation starts at frame 1 and not between the 2 key frames I made the change in. What am I missing. I don't know enough 3d terminology yet to successfully look it up myself. I am used to actions (tweening??) happening between 2 key frames.

  • Even if someone could give me a starting point, I can look it up. Not necessarily looking for the easy-out. What terms would you use to look this up?

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    It sounds like what you'll want to do is copy keyframe 001 for Andy#4 to the frame where the wave finishes. Toggle the spline break ON for that keyframe. This way, Andy#4 will remain still up through that frame.

    The spline break toggle is boxed in yellow, and I also boxed a keyframe showing spline break.
    0_1487205485233_spline break.PNG
    To open this keyframe palette, click the key-shaped icon on the timeline.

  • @seachnasaigh - Thank you. It seems that was what I wanted. After a few failed attempts, I finally got it to work right. Not quite sure how I did it but I'll have to play around with it a few more times before I completely grasp the whole concept. Thanks again. Now I have a starting point to research this better. Thanks again. You were helpful.

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    Breaking the spline prevents spline interpolation of tween frames across the break. If I put a spline break in frame 010, Poser will interpolate from frame 001-010 (disregarding keys after 010), then interpolate from 010 to 030 (disregarding keys before 010).
    You can see this effect on the graph. Andy4 remains still from 001-010, then his motion is smoothly keyed from 010-030.
    0_1487245616310_parameter graph showing a spline break.PNG

    To open the graph, select the actor of interest, and in the parameter palette click the little white triangle to the right of the parameter of interest. That will open a drop down menu. Click graph.
    0_1487245774986_open graph.png

  • This was very useful as well. I appreciate both of you taking the time to show me these things. It will help me to understand this software and retrain myself on how to construct scenes. It's a bit different than say, Flash 5, which was the last software I had that created animation. Thanks again