how do I redownload Poser 11

  • I was wondering how to redownload poser 11. I got it from RDNA but their site is no more now.

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    Run the DLM (DownLoad Manager), and insert your P11 serial number. The DLM will respond with available downloads, including the latest P11.
    Look for this icon on your desktop; it will launch the DLM:
    0_1487293212880_DLM icon.png

  • @seachnasaigh

    Quick question, hoping you know the answer... :)

    I have both 2012 and 2014 installed on this machine. Soon, I'll be putting together an entirely new system and this hard-drive is likely going to be going in the garbage. I'd like to continue to run both, just to help out with troubleshooting and compatibility issues, but I'm unsure what I would need to do to get my 2012 Poser install, since the disks I copied the install files onto is borked..

    Digital Download purchases for both, but 2012 used a different installer system than 2014. Would I need to go through the same, old, 2012 routine for 2012 or does SM's newer front-end installer system also work for older licenses? (Both purchased directly from SM, IIRC.)

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    DLM works for P10/Pro2014 and it's OK to have both the P10 and the P11 serial in the DLM simultaneously.
    We need an admin to answer this authoritatively, but I think that the portal/DLM system only works for P10/Pro2014 and later.

    Next time I boot up Cameron, I'll check her DLM; she has Pro2012 installed. (And Pro2010, and Poser Pro {P7 based}).
    Galadriel is older, but when she blew the motherboard BIOS chip -which took the OS hard drive out- and I rebuilt her, I just installed the then-current version (Pro2014) and later added P11Pro.

  • @seachnasaigh Where do I find the DLM? I am using a fresh install of windows so I do not have the DLM.

  • You can get the download manager on the Smith Micro site here