WACOM CINTIQ 13HD with CLIP (Manga) STUDIO & Multiple Views?

  • Hi now that I have started using a CINTIQ after years with the Intous and other earlier Wacoms I'm very keen to see how other people with the same setup have set this up in general… and/or just using a second monitor / multiple windows
    While its nice to be drawing directly I really miss the Intuos Pro and 5 Touch +/- brush size on the rocker and trackpad functionality so much I am considering trading up to the 22HD Touch

    Meanwhile, I have dug around in the manual and searched the manual again ( I have been using the app off and on since Manga Studio 4 and have really dug in again on CSP EX 1.6.2) but before I added a request to the pinned new features thread, can someone here please confirm whether or not is it already possible to see Multiple Views of a given Document at the same time ~ as available in misc adobe graphic apps?

  • yes ... go to menu item Window>Canvas>New_Window .... it will make a duplicate window of your current image... then click the tab of that new window and drag it and resize it on your other monitor. You can then zoom in on your cintiq image and still see it in full on the other window. any change you make in one window will be reflected in the other window. Drawing a stroke on one window will not show up on the other windo until the stroke is completed.

  • Excellent! Thank you @888toto