Help - lost Sub Tool group.

  • Hi all, I seem to have lost a sub tool group I created for all my favourite brushes, pens etc... Opened up CS today and the group is gone. Also, can't see to find where CS stores the sub tool group info?

    I wouldn't mind so much except it took me the better part of a day putting it together. My other groups are there, just not this one.
    P.s. yes, I had shut down and opened CS a few times and used the group.

    Any help would be great!

  • @starkz These brushes were copies from Other SubTool? You never exported this brushes on pc folder for backup? If not you can try to restore the original pen and brushes - but in advance you must save your tools creations (sorry for bad english). You can restor default brushes following the instruction at this page in "How to Get Additional Materials"

  • @patfumetto hi. Thank you for the fast reply! Sorry, I should have clarified. I didn't create these brushes. I purchased brushes - the Daub and Frenden sets. I then created a sub tool group called "favorites" using these brushes. Then, yesterday that group disappeared. But I still have all my other groups.

  • @starkz Ah, ok! Your brushes group is lost, i'm afraid, so you must re-create a new one and re-import Daub's brushes.

  • @starkz If you have a backup of CELSYS_EN folder (done when the brush assembly is created) you could try replacing this folder and maybe you would be getting your group. But I'm not sure about that.

  • Thanks again for your help. Unfortunately, I don't have any backup, as I assumed that making a group within the software would hold. I contacted support but received a very confused reply :)

    Looks like I will have to re-create the group again. But, once I do this, how do I stop the group from disappearing again? There doesn't seem to be any option to export out sub tool groups? Seems like an obvious thing right?

    I want to make a group of my favorite brushes, my favorite inks etc... But not if they keep disappearing?

  • @starkz No, no way to save the group in a backup for this in particular . But this time you can recreate the group and save the CELSYS_EN folder, in case you miss it again maybe You'll get back your settings.

  • @patfumetto Cheers, I'll try that. But honestly, it seems crazy right? What does everyone else do? I mean Frenden and Doub have HUNDREDS of brushes. I don't want to sort through them all when I'm painting. I want a short list of the best brushes for Concept, Painting, Rendering etc... Whats supposed to be the standard workflow for this?

    E.g. Frenden inks have 89 brushes. I like about 8 of them. I can't be the only person who has this problem?

  • @starkz No, it's a serious problem, but not many people buy a lot of brushes, I guess. For this I create a folder (in the pc document) where I put my preferite brushes (brushes that I downloaded, free or not). It's only I can do for now.

  • @patfumetto Yup, I'll do the same. Thanks man. Appreciate the help. Maybe will send CS an email for a feature request :)

  • @starkz Yes, good idea, but my english is a litte bad :)