Hip bends in dress

  • I converted the Morphing Fantasy Dress to Miki 4 with wardrobe wizard. I know when she sits the skirt won't follow, but rather than hanging down like it should, it sticks up.

    0_1487467349193_dress hips.JPG

    I tried draping it because I figured I was going to have to do that anyhow. But that flips up too once the simulation finishes.


    Any idea how to fix it?

  • I imagine that Wardrobe Wizard has included rigging for the leg actors, because it will have assumed that was what you wanted. If you plan to use the dress as a hybrid by clothifying the hip part, you need to remove that rigging. I don't think there's a way to tell WW to miss it out.

    How do you feel about editing CR2s?

  • I've done some minor cr2 editing in the past, mostly path fixes. I know the most important rule; back it up. If it's straight forward, I can do it.

  • @redphantom said in Hip bends in dress:

    I know the most important rule; back it up. If it's straight forward, I can do it.

    It's not totally straightforward, unfortunately. It's probably easier to delete bones in the setup room but I rarely venture in there and can't advise...

    Thinking about this some more, Wardrobe Wizard's default is to regroup when converting, and you'd want this since Miki's body grouping is different from the DAZ females (she has a waist actor as well as hip and abdomen). However if you have regroup enabled, I think WW will also add leg groups to the dress, which you don't want. You want everything from the hip downwards in one group so it can be dynamic. Therefore you'll also need to fix that, maybe in UVMapper or other tool of choice such as Poser's own grouping tool.

    If I get time I'll try this myself to get a better idea of what's involved. If it was me, I'd probably just convert the dress as a prop and simulate the whole thing; I'm not convinced there's much advantage in the hybrid approach any more.

  • I was able to delete them in the setup room. I did convert it to a prop to finish that scene but there will be scenes I'll need it when she's standing and won't need to drape it, just move the arms or it'll only show from the waist up. In those cases, having it be a conformer and not having to setup a simulation is beneficial.

    Thanks so much for your help.

  • I can understand your desire to avoid a full simulation in situations that don't need it. I've alternated conforming and dynamic versions of the same outfit in cases where I had a series of images to render.

    It isn't as complex as I'd feared. Wardrobe Wizard adds bones for the Pelvis, Glutes and Thighs which are easy to delete in the setup room as you've seen. However it didn't seem to add mesh groups even though I had 'Regroup' checked. So, good news - no need to break out UVMapper after all.

    Once I'd saved the converted dress back to the library with the bones deleted below the hip, it conformed as expected with the skirt part static and waiting for simulation.

    Hope that works out for you!

  • It was pretty straight forward and simple. Which is good since I forgot to save the correction. Doh. It worked much better both as conforming and hybrid. The morphs even worked. Thanks again.