Help - Some Questions and Issues with Perspective Drawing

  • Hello allow, I am starting to use perspective drawing rulers in CSP. Got some questions and possible issues. I have a Wacom Mobile Studio pro running Windows 10.

    1. I have trouble getting my perspective lines to "connect". When I start drawing a line in perspective, I almost always get a little bit of blank space before the pen/pencil line starts showing. (Does not do this when perspective is not being used.) Doesn't seem to matter when pen or pencil tool I select.

    2. If I draw a line in perspective, and without raising my pen, I retrace the line (to extend for example), it basically erases the line I just drew.

    3. Just general difficulty getting lines to draw in the direction I want. 30-40% of the time, the line I am trying to draw follows the wrong perspective ruler.

    4. How do I turn on perspective grid?

    Thanks in advance

  • For point 2: Go to Preference > Ruler/Unit, deselect "Decide direction again if coming back to start point while snapping perspective ruler".

  • For point 4: clic on perspective ruler with Object tool, go to Tool Property, then clic on Grid.

  • Thanks for the tips. That worked great.