Compress Keyframes

  • Hey,

    Are you able to compress keyframes in Poser? like you can do in other 3d programs.

    An example is I have a character walking, but I want to speed it up without having to re-do the whole walk animation.


  • Poser Ambassadors

    You can change the frame rate in the animation pallet. It's set to 30 by default.

    You can also drag key frames to different frame locations.

  • Go to Animation--> Retime Animation In the top line enter the frames that you want to compress/expand and the bottom line where you want the frames to be placed. I would recommend that you add extra frames to the end of your animation and place results there. That way you can check your results and verify they meet your needs. If not delete and try again.

  • @richard60

    Perfect, thank you very much!

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