ANIMATION ~ COPY Command questions

  • I am loving the Frame by Frame options, particularly after learning how to use the Animation Cel palette to assign copied frames in the timeline, here in another forum thread.
    I hope this is an area where the Developers roll in a few enhancements ~ e.g. a smart Duplicate Frame command that would eliminate this time-sucking workaround

    In the meantime, I'm also wondering is there currently a way to use the COPY command within CSP ANIMATION to limit it to only affect the layer I'm working ~ so when I copy something it will paste it on the same layer rather than having CSP paste a whole new Cell into the Layers palette?

  • UPDATE: confirmed this is currently not possible after reporting via CSP Support thru the HELP Menu but was told it is being addressed in an update

    Wondering if/how people have come up with workarounds?

    is there anything beyond the obvious (though time-consuming) solution of pasting and then combining selected layers?