Gauntlet has been thrown down - VR Actors

  • The No Socks FBX version needs one more step of fixing inside Blender 3D. The mesh itself has to be Dropped To Floor before doing all the other stuff. SIGH.

  • @ibr_remote No. Wrong fix. For the no Socks FBX, after importing into Blender3D for adjustment, you will see that the mesh and the skeleton rig are in different places. LEAVE THEM AS THAT. Point to the bones group, select all, then perform the zeroing operations Alt-r, Alt-G and Alt-S. After that export all as FBS file with different filename.

    One imported into Poser, the figure is fine, except she has to be translated approximately -0.404 Poser Units (which is the measurement unit I use in Poser) to reach the ground.

  • No Socks Version FAILS in Poser - cannot be used except for static default A-pose. Sorry, folks, I tried. Use the one with the shoes with Poser. That is the one in my examples above.

  • FIXED the no socks version FBX !!! Very simple - import into Shade 3D and re-export. ALL FIXED by Shade 3D. Magic. So now, have 2 useable vesions.

    Here are Poser Pro 11 geom edge and comic book colour mode render:-

    1_1487954373523_Yunamon5.png 0_1487954373522_Yunamon4.png

  • Remember to make her bras invisible in the Poser Hierarchy window, or else the pink underwear will poke through the blouse when posing.