Multipages save problem

  • Hello i created a 20 pages story. When i try to save my work i recieved this message

    Don't Save
    and it doesn't save my work.

    Can you explain me why it happened?
    Thank you very much

  • Are you trying to add a page to the Story file? I can see that you already have 20 pages under page management. Adding one page will make the Story file 21 pages. You may have to add 2 pages to keep the page numbering even.

  • I just tried to save my work in page 1

  • So what if i would like to create a story with odd number of pages ?

    Thank you very much

  • If you make a story file with a front and back cover, the story is set up for print. Comics in print need to be evenly numbered.
    If you want to make an uneven story, don't use covers.