Downloads from APP not showing ?

  • Hi,

    I have Clip Studio Paint 1.6.2 running on a Windows 10 Pro 64 bit (aniversary update) tablet (Vaio Z Canvas).

    What I did:

    • I loged in with the Cllip Studio App

    • It downloaded materials

    • Using Windows Explorer I see about 1.3 Gigabyte (21738 files) in the
      ...\ClipStudioCommon... folder.

    • but in Clip Studio Paint the "Download->Materials palette is still empty. It
      only shows "Search for Additional Materials"

    • In the Clip Studio App I tried
      Sync All Materials ...
      Reset Materials ...
      All the options in Maintenance Menue

    • That did not solve the issue

    • Then I formatted the whole disk

    • Installed Windows 10 from scratch

    • Installed Clip Studio Paint 1.6.2 from scratch

    • Used the Clip Studio App again

    • Still can't see the downloaded materials in the materials palette

    On the other hand all the default materials are there and working.

    Am I doing something wrong? Or does the App download only the default Materials and not additional ones?

    I sent this question to sm support, but their answer was "use the cloud (they meant the App)". So I thought, I better ask here.

  • During setup, any materials that are over a certain size (something like 280 KB) will only be represented by a thumbnail with a cloud icon in the corner in the Materials palettes. Only the thumbnail is installed. When you need to use the material, you download it. You can download the material by clicking the cloud, dragging the thumbnail with the cloud icon onto your canvas, or downloading directly from the assets. Or you can download all of your materials in one shot, which takes a long time.

    If your materials didn't download you would see some items in your Materials palette folders with a cloud icon in the corner of the thumbnail. If your materials did download, you won't see any thumbnails with a cloud. The "Included" materials won't go to the Download folder. They would replace the thumbnail in one of the other folders (and the cloud would be gone).

  • Ok, got it.
    The initial download once logged in to the App gets the default materials and assigns them. Only when downoading additional ones they appear in the downloads folder and need to be assigned manually by drag and drop etc..