Creating EPS, AI like vectors?

  • Hi guys! I've been using Manga Studio Pro for a while and I feel like it's the best software out there, my only problem is the fact that I can't create vector art that is resizable. It's a problem when it comes to logos and stuff like that. I don't know how to use Illustrator yet, and I'm not planning on using it.

    I want to know how to create RESIZABLE vector art on Manga Studio, or Clip Studio Paint Pro. Please help me.

  • Vectors in CSP are resizable but you have to change the canvas resolution to the desired export resolution before you export in order for the vectors to resize. There is no EPS export and CSP wasn't really developed with vector art in mind. You can still do your strokes in vector but your fills will be raster. That's doable as long as you don't need to edit the stroke (because the fill won't edit along with it) and as long as you can make do with an export format other than EPS. And if you enlarge your canvas, you would need to make sure that the fills didn't pixelate to the point where the pixels pop out from behind the stroke.

    Overall though, CSP is not a vector art program and there are much better programs out there that handle vectors better. I understand the urge to shy away from Illustrator but you might want to look at Affinity Designer (although I think the sale they were offering recently is done - it's fairly affordable).

  • @garlam is it like Manga Studio? I like the fact that you can draw the vectors on Manga studio, while on illustrator its so much more difficult. So if it is like Manga Studio I'd def get it!

  • @muniiam It's more of a combination of both CSP and Illustrator. While CSP does raster very well with some vector thrown in, Designer does vector very well with some raster thrown in. There is a bit of learning curve but it's very intuitively developed. I feel like CSP has the better brush engine but if you're looking to make vector art, it may not be the best way to go.

  • At one time I had the workflow to make the lineart in Affinity Designer as vectors and then when finished go to CSP and do the color.

    But it became to cumbersome when I suddenly needed to make large changes.

    So now I do all vectors in CSP.
    There are many vector tools.

    BTW there is a very good raster to vector convertor in CSP.
    Unlike many convertors you can get single line vectors from a raster line.
    In other programs you get two lines per raster line, which is unpractical to edit.


    Edit: One thing I mis from AD is the line size profiles, where you very easily could edit the line dynamics.