Wacom Mobile Studio Pro - rotate right not working

  • Ok, this wasn't working before the wacom patch... so it's not a driver thing.
    on my MSP, i have that circular ring, with the directional buttons on it. When i set it to rotate, i can slide my finger around the ring, and it will work fine if i rotate left (counter clockwise) ... if i try to rotate right (clockwise), it fails to turn, and instead makes it look like im trying to draw a straight line by holding down shift... i see the little outline from the mouse pointer to a random spot on the screen.

    Queue Zoolander jokes! seriously, it's kind of a bummer. that'd be a useful feature. i have trouble getting it to rotate with a 2 finger gesture.

  • On Mac to fix rotation with touch you have to add an additional shortcut to rotate right in Clip Studio .Not sure what the shortcut is in windows (or if that's your problem).

  • @PGross ok, i'll hunt around for it today (im a windows user)
    thanks for the info. gives me something to sink my teeth into at least.