Walk Designer, changing poses

  • I've just begun using the walk designer and am unclear on how to create a walk path where the figure stops at certain points and the pose changes to look at an object, then begins walking again to the next point. I'm trying to animate a pilot doing a walk around, inspecting various parts. Do I need to create a walk path for every pose?

  • The walk designer works by going from a standstill to a repetitive motion back to a still if you select the proper choices. The big item is that it is a repetitive movement. You can place multiple walk paths and create a walk for each path. Or you can make a single walk going to each location in turn, and afterwards find the points where you want to the pilot to stop and put in key frames at that point and move the walk down the time line to induce a pause. In the pause area you can put in whatever poses you want and at the end it will resume the walk. Just be aware that you will have to put in all the movements to stop and start the walks or else it will look weird.