Radial Menu / On screen controls stays in the middle of the screen

  • So I set up all the shortcut keys on my wacom and pen, and everything is working great! For one exception...
    Every time I bring up the radial menu / onscreen controls via my pen, it doesn't show up where my pen /cursor is at. Instead, it always shows up in the middle of my monitor/tablet. It's a minor inconvenience, but I'm very used to have the radial menu right where my cursor is at when I used past painting programs.
    Anyone know of a solution?

  • OMG so I found a fix myself!!
    On the wacom menu go to the onscreen controls tab, and edit a radial menu. Click the box that says "Display at cursor" and that's it!
    Apparently, I made another radial menu for CSP, so it didn't check that box when I made it. I just assumed every radial menu acts like that.

  • good to know! @zetabytes thank you