Any tricks for color dynamics?

  • Hi there

    PS has color dynamics for the brushes.
    (random hue, randoms saturation, random brightness)

    Any tricks in CSP to do that?



    0_1488365505454_PS Color Dynamics.png

  • ICSP does not have jitter/randomisation of those but there are a few ways to produce the effect..... and to some extent I do this in some of my "impressionist " brushes ( Monet, Seurat etc.).

    1. You can have coloured ( mixed saturation or Hue) brush tip shapes. You can also havemultiple shapes for the brush applied radomly ... so e.g. you could have the tip as a B/W image which will pick up the current picked item and you could additionally have pre-colored version of the tip shape and the brush can be set to randomly apply each of the shapes.
    2. you could have a brush ( defined similar to the one above) .... but use it on areas that you have already painted using ordinary brushes. ... when using this "adjustment "brush you would set its blending mode to Saturation of Hue .... but not Brightness as that would turn it to grayscale
    3. Jittering brightness can be "sort of"achieved with random density, or randomised brush shapes ( in the CSP supports shapes that hold Black, opaque grey and white areas)... You can also make use of radom looking texture patterns to achieve this. There is also a setting on the INK tab to control or "Jitter" the output of the brush between the first and the second picked color

  • Thanks for the answer 888toto!

    Do you have your brushes that you mentioned available for a tryout?


  • @Micmac sorry they are part of a set that I sell.. but I did make a jitter adjustment brush that I tried to post here for you .... but though this forum site has an upload feature it just says I have insufficient privilege. Anyone know how to make that file upload feature work ?

    The brush itself uses a blurry image of different colors across a range of saturations... and jitters up an existing painted area in terms of hue, Saturation, Brightness or a combination of them depending on the blend mode you choose.... Hue, Saturation, Brightness, Color, Divide, Hard Mix, Linear light, Vivid Light, , Overlay and Glow Dodge all work well with this producing a wide range of jittering effects.

  • Would it be possible to share a dropbox link?