Clip Studio Paint tablet trouble.

  • So I recently purchased Clip Studio Paint after using a trial version to confirm there were no tablet issues. There were, but after fiddling with it a bit I got everything to work and bought the program.

    It has been a day and its back to not working.
    Everything works fine with other programs, this seems to only effect Clip Studio Paint.

    I have a Huion h610 pro tablet and am running windows 7, i installed the latest drivers for my tablet but that did nothing, i tried messing with wintab and tablet oc and mouse mode, nothing.

    The problem in question is that the program detects my pen and tablet just fine, and draws just fine, but when i press a button on my pen to temporarily swap to another tool the cursor freezes in place and swaps back to pen mode, the second my pen touches the tablet.

    No matter how i move my pen, if im holding a button the cursors stays in pen mode and in the same spot. Once I let go of the button the cursors will swiftly jump to where my tablets pen is currently located within the work space, but will have changed nothing on the canvas.

    Any help would be appreciated thanks.

  • I've had the huion before and loved it. That and similar uc-logic based boards are always a bit more sensitive than waccom boards, so there could be a number of issues. Here are some that I've gone through:

    1. Did you have a previous tablet installed? Particularly if you had a waccom board, the drivers will compete and may even prevent the newer dll files from installing. There are some links out there how to manually remove the old dll files if that is the case.
    2. I assume you installed the drivers prior to hooking up the tablet? If not, windows will install it's own tablet drivers and these are horrible and will interfere. These can also be potentially removed, but not always, and some have resorted to resetting their device and reinstalling the os.
    3. Now, the simplest problem that might be occuring is that your wtclient might be crashing (windows tablet client). Just do a search on your pc for wtclient, create a shortcut on your desktop to it. Next time it crashes, just click the shortcut and that should work. Typically, this only works if the pen works, but pressure sensitivity is lost.
    4. For more detailed information, here is a solid link from deviantart dealing with common issues with non waccom tablets.