CSP EX/MS5: Is Adding Poser Pro 11 Superfluous?

  • Hello all,
    Since Clip Studio Paint EX/Manga Studio 5 has 3D capability, is there an advantage to also buying Poser Pro 11? I do want to incorporate a lot of 3D backgrounds and characters into my comics.

    Thanks very much!

  • If you are going to be using the characters for reference and tracing them, then using multiple tools may be worthwhile. Poser has much better human figures if you can take the time to use them, and has a nice comic style rendering engine so you can render images out for direct incorporation into your comics. The 2D pipeline between poser and clip studio is much easier than 3D. If you are relying heavily on clip studios 3D engine Tools like Google Sketchup or Blender may be very useful to create or tweak environments and props for clip studio use.

    Ultimately the 3D tools in clip studio are fantastic for illustrators, but do not represent a full 3D pipeline, so depending on how much you want to rely on true 3D (as opposed to 2D illustration) will dictate how useful or cumbersome external 3D tools are.

    Here are several webinars where the artist is extensively using poser

    Personally I think clip studio is best used as a mostly 2D illustration application with great 3D tools to assist in that illustration rather than a full 3D environment. (The full japanese Celsys suite moves clip studio further towards a full 3D pipeline, but is still very 2D focused.) Think of clip studio like photoshop - a 2D application with 3D but not comfortable as a full 3D production environment. So if realistic human characters are a strong focus in your art style, poser may well be a great addition.

  • pavig, thanks sincerely for your detailed reply and the video links. Ultimately, I'm rendering to 2D and want to achieve a drawn comic aesthetic, as opposed to realistic 3d characters and backgrounds.

    I gather that having Poser, then, would give me more extensive options for creating a wider range of characters with better poseability, better backgrounds, etc., in which case it would be a useful program to have.

    Thanks again!