AMD Ryzen ?

  • I'm very glad so see Amd is coming back in the race, and was considering to invest in a AMD Ryzen 7 1800x with 8 cores @ 3.8 for half the price of an I7 6900K, it seems to be a very good choice. I've seen promising Blender benchmarks on tomsHardware and was wondering if someone experienced Poserpro 11 with it ?

    If it works well, i will not resist to the temptation 8-)

  • @lsauvage Unfortunate Poser 11 does not support AMD and other thread here indicate no plan ever to move to support it. Only nvidia cards are support for Poser 11.

  • @able_baker Ryzen is a CPU not a GPU and Poser should work fine on it.

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    Poser 11 works just fine with AMD cpus. That's the only cpu I'll use.

    It's the radeon cards you're thinking of that aren't compatible with superfly for gpu rendering.

  • @AmbientShade Care to share your thoughts on why you prefer AMD over Intel CPUs?

  • @ghostship Yes it should work very well, at least with Superfly.

    That new generation seems to have a very good price / performance ratio, except if there is a very big need of memory bandwith where Intel seems to be better. See the benchmark taken from tomshardware

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    @ghostship Because every intel chip I've had cost twice as much and burned up within 2 years. Have never had that problem with AMD.

    Currently have a phenom II 3.4gh since 2012. Want to upgrade but can't right now.

    I do use nvidia cards tho. Was turned off of radeon years ago when they had a couple lines that were complete lemons and just never paid attention to them after that. But that was back in the 90s.

  • Familiarity leads to habit. When I got my first computer it had an AMD graphics card and an Intel CPU. Both were fantastic, never died. When I upgraded I stayed with the same manufacturers, had a problem only once. I have had one GPU die (an AMD) and I replaced it with an Nvidea card (mostly to use cuda/GPU for firefly). I've never even considered an AMD chip because they have always been reported as sub standard.

  • @piersyf It depends when. My second PC-CPU was and AMD 386 DX 40 (1 core, 32bits), was very good : 7Mhz more ( +20%!!!) than the intel standard for the same price. I agree that last 10 years AMD was unable to compete, that why i'm glad they come back in race. It will force Intel to cut prices or make a move for new performances.

  • @ghostship Oops! Duh. Sorry! My mistake leads me to a giant facepalm.

  • Hi there

    Personally I would go with Ryzen 1700 or 1700x,these chips have best performance for money as 1800x is good chip but cost around £150(150USD) more and all of these chips offers same features and if you know how to OC then I would go route of the Ryzen 1700/1700X

    1800X offers best performance off the box and have higher clock speed,but still I would get rather 1700/1700X and put extra money towards better motherboard like is ASRock Taichi or others,just I would stay away from ASUS boards these boards have right now issues

    Intel is still king in the single threaded applications or where is used one or two ores,but in multi-threaded applications I would take 1700/1700X over 6900k which cost twice or three times more there

    Regarding the rendering in SuperFly,hard to say,I would suspect will be on par with 6900k and will be definitely faster than my i7-5820k,I've tested only 1700 on my friend PC where we are run Corona renderer and AMD own renderer and in both benches or renderers 1700 slaughtered my i7-5820k which is OC to 4.5GHz

    Performance will be better by time as right now there is issues with scheduler inside the Win10,but looks like Win7 doesn't have any these issues,MS will be releasing new Creator update in coming weeks or months and performance should increase in single threaded applications and in multi as well,plus motherboard looks like have own issues with BIOS which can be down to AMD didn't give too much time manufactures to refine products or some baords just been rush to productions

    In Superfly you still will be benefiting with getting something like is GTX1080 or new Ti,I would stay away from GTX9xx series and Titan X,looks like SuperFly and Cycles are not optimized for these Maxwell GPU again,GTX1080 is faster than Titan X by large margin and Ti will be faster than GTX1080 by extra 20-30% and price £699(699USD)

    Hope this helps there


  • @jura11 The Ryzen starts at $329 here in the states.

  • I would like to point out that the Ryzen 5 CPUs are coming out in April. That said they will be much less expensive but will offer mid Range performance for Under 250 USD. :)

  • bump... Anyone put together a new Poser machine with one of these in it? I'm looking at building a new PC and these are looking pretty good. I have two nvidia cards that I'd like to run for Superfly renders, I'm also running Reason.

  • @mechanaut I don't. Currently running my first PC ever with i5 2400. Before that I ran Macs since 1987.

  • @mechanaut I misread your post. Reading that article you linked right now.

  • @ghostship I did and it works (win 10)!

    It's a bit short for being absolutely sure, i've it for less than a week and I'm still more installing than using. Poser, Shade3D, Painter 2017, Moho and Reason works perfectily well on it, i did some renders. It's very much faster than my old I5 760.....

    I have a 1700 and can go up to 3.5 Ghz without problem and without changing voltage. I've seen people pushing to 3.8 easily but needs voltage twicking and i'm not sure i want to kill my new toy the first week :( See the 16 little squares on render :)

    I've only one Geforce 1070, but it should work with 2...


  • @ghostship said in AMD Ryzen ?:

    bump... Anyone put together a new Poser machine with one of these in it? I'm looking at building a new PC and these are looking pretty good. I have two nvidia cards that I'd like to run for Superfly renders, I'm also running Reason.

    Hi @ghostship

    I have built few weeks ago for my friend Ryzen build

    We are went with ASRock Taichi board 1700X , 64GB DDR4 2400MHz and he is running 2*GTX1080Ti GPU

    For cooling we are used NH-D15S, replaced fans for TY-143 and OC his CPU to 4.0GHz which is still enough

    This CPU and board I've wanted to use, but sold to my friend as I will be going with AMD X399 and 16 core/32 thread Threadripper as Intel X299 SkylakeX will be too expensive

    He is mostly using his PC for rendering and making music in Ableton or Cubase etc and in rendering he is rendering lot faster than my i7-5820k with 4.5Ghz OC

    In Corona renderer Ryzen looks like is great choice for rendering and is faster than my 5820k by quite big margin

    If you are looking get good CPU then I would suggest get 1700 or 1700X

    Hope this helps

    Thanks, Jura

  • @jura11 I'm probably looking at the 1600x if I get an AMD.