Default Eraser size on Graphics tablet

  • I'm using an Intutios 3 and I'm having a problem, When I invert the stylus to use the Eraser end it ignores my current eraser settings and defaults to a 20 pixel brush which i usually much much smaller than what i need. Is there a way to change this default brush size?

  • Yes ~ Switch to the Eraser tool to set the Eraser's "brush size"@malroth since apparently it is independent of the other tools ~ unless somebody chimes in with another solution?

    It would be nice if there was a preference to have the eraser match the size of the active tool

  • I can use eraser for my primary tool but this disables the ability to switch tools by flipping the stylus around

  • that's what I tried to explain to you above ~ when you turn the stylus around CSP uses (and remember) the Size setting from the Eraser tool >not< the size of whatever active tool on the other end @malroth

  • @malroth Use the current brush to erase by picking transparent (the chequered icon) at the bottom of the Tool palette.

  • In the File>Modifier key settings .. for you pen/brush there will be a setting for "Tail Switch" which controls what the back of you stylus will do. the usual setting will say Common ....Change tool Temporarily Eraser .... and what this setting will mean is that the last eraser tool that you has selected from your eraser tool set will be used ... and that will be at whatever eraser size that was set to. You may however have the Modifier setting set to Change tool temporarily ( not Common) and then have selected a specific eraser tool... in which case it will always pull up that specific eraser tool ( at whatever size it is already set to).... My guess is that's what you have got..

    Personally I use the Common setting and put an artistic blender in the eraser set ... so I can use the back as a blender ... cos its usually easiest to use the current front end with "transparency" selected ... as Gibbons 90 said. If the lack of size control on the eraser is a problem to you ... could I suggest that you set the eraser that is going to come with the back of your stylus to have a very wide range of sizes available to it controlled by the level of tilt of your stylus.

  • Thanks to being alerted to the possibilities by this thread, I've landed on programming CSP's existing x and c key commands to swap between Transparency and Color and Primary & Secondary colours @malroth

    For now after more trial and error I have the transparency switch programmed to the higher Wacom Grip Pen button - this makes it easy to use the pen end as a same size eraser and flip the stylus around when I want to use a secondary (generally larger) size eraser. I usually end up disabling anything I program into the pen buttons since I hit them so frequently when I don't mean to, but this command is a lot less dangerous than some since I can see it happen immediately and fix it

  • Turns out my problems were caused by the "lock tool" function.