HOW-TO Make Docked Palettes display vertically as sliding "drawers" or shelves?

  • Can someone please explain how to make Palettes appear vertically in the same Docked Menu as sliding drawers so I can easily access parameters across multiple palettes?

    I can dock them easily enough but then they appear as Tabs. When I click those resulting Tabs each Palette will take up the whole space so I will only see one at a time - e.g. the CORRECT WIDTH tool - but no SUB TOOL Menu to specify how I want to use it it. Unless I physically separate each of the palettes into separate windows or change back to a default workspace they won't stack for me ~ very frustrating! Can someone please help me figure this out?

    It may seem like a tiny thing but it's driving me around the bend trying to solve it in a custom animation workspace so I can easily switch between Cel, Light Table and Layer Palettes

  • Palette's will dock where there is a red line when you hower the palette. Keep the mouse down and move it around until you see a red horizontal line. When you dock as a tab you see a little vertical line.

    Hope I understood you right


  • YES! @Micmac Thank You! Success ~ you DID understand me right and this works for me now! ~ finally.

    For other forum readers still grappling with this I would add I seemed to be able to see that Horizontal red line once I aim towards the middle and upwards when dragging the palette I want to dock in this manner ~ and also rather than sizing a window to fit (something I also had tried) you just need to make sure you can see the title in the palette/window you want to move in order to grab it and move it properly