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  • I recently purchased a second desktop and installed Poser while retaining my original copy on my first desktop. I used my serial number with the download manager and everything installed without any problems. I opened the program and when prompted entered the serial number and I got a dialog saying the number was invalid. I went to the license manager online and it showed the same license but it was for Poser 10--I purchased Poser 11 and it has been working on my other Mac for several months. I attempted to start the second copy without the first one open as I understand that can cause issues with internet validation. I thought that there were 3 installations allowed under the license--this would be my second. I got the second box so I could use graphics programs without bogging down either system--I have had no problem installing my other software onto the new one. Please advise as to what I need to do for this second installation.

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    If you have a running Poser11, you should see the Poser11 serial number in the license manager.

    Yes, SM allows 3 installations for each serial number.

    PS; you accidently did not use the Poser10 serial on Poser11?

    Contact SM support, they are good at this.

  • I do have a running Poser 11 and I looked in Help > Personalize and confirmed that it matched the one I found in the License Manager and the one I used on the registration screen of the second copy of poser 11. I will contact SM but I should note that they ask their customers to provide a lot of information just to get service, as follows:

    <For Product Support
    Product Name and Product Page URL (Web Address)
    Your Operating System version
    Your System Details (Hardware including Drivers) DO NOTE PROVIDE THE SYSTEM INFORMATION PAGE <image or text> That will delay any response.
    Order Number or place where purchased
    The Product License Key (Enter the key as you enter it in text format)

    ​Step by Step details to reproduce the issue.

    Images should be PNG or JPG

    Text documents should TXT

    ​Compressed files should be ZIP>>

    Product page url--really? Order number--doesn't SM keep records? Then they want you to set up a separate support account!! This is in addition to requiring internet validation. On the other hand, Daz3d was easy to setup on my new computer and I was easily able to download my previous purchases--installation was one click in DazIM including purchased files--in Poser each installer needed a system password and I still don't know how to get my SM purchased bundle other than transferring it myself. I found the license but not the transaction record--whereas the my Daz account page has all this info, coupons, and a product library that makes it easy to check if files are missing on the desktop and links to further info. I understand that SM wants to prevent piracy but it really shouldn't be this hard for paying customers.

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