Brush rotation not displaying

  • Hi
    Ive got a Wacom Art Pen, which has rotation sensitivity. I've found in the brush settings, where i can set the brush direction based on rotation and it works... BUT...
    the cursor indicating this, doesn't rotate with it. So, it even though i've turned my brush to make a vertical dab, the cursor still shows horizontal... thus making accurate placement impossible. I know the cursor CAN rotate, because if i slide the direction bar, it will spin to match...
    Is there a way to make it rotate with my stylus? Am i missing a setting somewhere?


  • Clip Studio just doesn't seem to have full support for Wacom peripherals. It also does not support the wheel on Wacom airbrush styli. :(

    CS does support tilt [direction of pen]. So you should be able to set that as your controlling input; if the 'Art Pen' also supports tilt.

    **I found at least one video that asserts that the 'Art Pen' does support tilt.

  • Ok

    hopefully it gets addressed one day.