Anybody using Max 2017? ... Material woes.

  • OK when I import an OBJ into Max 2017 every thing gets glomped into the first material. So the head is now one material ... Lips. Useless!

    Max 2014 didn't do this and it there's a hidden setting in 2017 to make it import Sub-Object materials I can't find it.

  • Hi there

    I would suspect there is clash / duplication of material ID#s which was never been a problem in previous 3DS MAX 2017,I still using 2014 as this new 2017 does have few issues,I just tried to export V4 which I know works in previous 3DS MAX,but in this 2017 first material is default and that's it,there is no Eyelashes ID,Lip ID etc

    I will do few more tests later on

    Hope this helps


  • Yeah you're on to something. There If I Import something simple, a one group clothing item or porp, it gets the material zones. If I bring in a figure it does not.

    Seem when it encounters a multiple groups with the same material name it goes bonkers.

    Unfortunately my Max2014 license was from Smith Micro ... lost with my job. I have to go alll the way back to Max 9 or deal with 2017 being a turd.