Story "File Objects" update

  • I have a story. In every .clip file of the Story I have some "File Object" linked to images in a directory. When I update such images I need a way to update all the "File Object" in all the .clip files of the Story. Is there a way to do it in a single step rather than open every .clip file?


  • You could create an auto action to update all file objects and then run it in batch processing.

  • I tried but I don't understand how to lauch such Auto Action (open file, update all object, save file, close file) to the whole story.

  • Create an auto action called File Object Update or something. Simply record Layer>File Object>Update All File Objects.

    Then open your story file and run Batch Processing. In the batch select the auto action, all pages, and choose close with overwrite. and run the batch.

  • YES! Thank you