Can I write 3rd party plugins for Clip Studio?

  • I'm a programmer and was wondering if there is any sort of API that I could use to write plugins for Clip Studio. I would like to write tools that implement specialized layer filters and also to export images to special file formats.

  • Yes they have an SDK but it needs a good translation... or you need to understand Japanese...Google translate is Ok to translate this page... but not so easy when it gets more detailed... If you do fathom how to use it please post some instructions to this forum

  • There really does need to be more available plugins.

  • All they need do ~to give us all a fantastic boon, is implement a basic Photoshop plugin support; that will give access to a great host of raster effects. Illustrator plugin support might allow us to have additional vector effects.

    There are many, many 3rd party photoshop plugins, and many raster drawing/viewing apps that make use of them besides Photoshop; Clip Studio should be one of those IMO.

  • Unfortunately, I do not speak Japanese. And even with Google translate I was unable to download even the SDK from their website. (I kept clicking on what looked like a download links, but they only took me to other web pages). It was also unclear if you needed Clip Studio EX for this, or if it would work with just Clip Studio Pro, which is what I have.

    Hopefully Smith Micro will provide an english SDK, or maybe add a scripting language like Python to it. Or maybe I can try learning Japanese again - I can still remember a few words of it from university.

  • @mechanaut I've suggested that in the suggestions Forum. It would be great, wouldn't it?

  • I have had to resort to building artistic filters using Auto Actions.... Actually after a lot of work its really coming togather now.... here are a few examples from my set of 50 artistic filters so far
    alt text

  • Just got a reply from Celsys. They say that the SDK is not simply only written in Japanese, but it is only for the Japanese version of Clip Studio. So unless they make an English version, we won't be able to create anything at all.

    So I would encourage anyone interested in seeing this SDK get incorporated into future versions of Clip Studio to use the 'contact us' link on this website and politely express your interest in seeing the SDK added to future versions of Clip Studio English. Maybe if enough programmers make the request they will decide to do so.

    My response from Celsys:

    Thank you for the inquiry.

    Currently, CLIP STUDIO PAINT SDK is provided only for the Japanese version.

    We will take this into account as an important issue.

    Best regards,