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    Now I see why you didn't want to release a V4 Lali morph : she is actually the Lil Pudgy Elf (without the pointy ears). Not ? Then I am waiting for a PE Lali morph.

    hahaha, Lali is not THAT small haha. But yeah you could probably squeeze something like Lali out of there.

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    Looking at these previews, I have only one major concern. I'm seeing lots of general shape morphs but absolutely no change in definition. The big reason I found Antonia limited was her resolution and topology prevented basic morphs like realistic ribs and such. The topology you've shown definitely has the resolution, but I'm more concerned about the topology. Can she have leg muscles? Can you make her a dancer or a gymnast without displacement?

    Although it wasn't my focus, I'm pretty sure you could squeeze a nice athletic build from that mesh. There is a ribs morph, but you'll have to see if that's enough. I haven't bothered much with detailed muscle morphs yet because I'd have to study it properly. I'm actually hoping if someone else could do that bit for me. I'm not sure about a Miss Universe body though haha, that's more for Genesis type creatures. Although P11 hidef morphs could help too.

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    @erogenesis Genesis has Muscle maps and muscle morphs, but also just as third party ad on. I see no reason why with Evo this could be not done.
    And, not everybody want muscle morphs and pay for it. Add on is I think a great idea.
    Evolution brings so many "basic morphs" , "expressions etc....To blow up the package and make it after not affordable should be not a goal. (Hope it gives sense, it is early here in France)

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    The Nordic Girl. My Fav one.

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  • @erogenesis Thanks so much for the information! I guess I'll have to see what the future brings in terms of morphs.

    I'm only concerned because in my very limited experience, if a modeler didn't account for body definition in the topology in the design phase at the beginning, there's not much he or she can do after the fact. From everything I've heard about figure modeling so far, you basically have to plain for muscle and bone definition (and in some cases, wrinkles) from the outset for the polygon flow to allow for them, even if you have a mid to high resolution figure.

    But that's just a bit of theory I've observed as someone who's only made morphs for themselves. I'm sure that professional morph artists will impress us with what she's actually capable of.

    To be clear, I wasn't thinking Miss Universe. Like I said, I was thinking dancer or gymnast. Or even runner. Or even just someone thinner and more angular, like a fashion model. Lean, agile muscle requires the ability to make lots of specific details, while big rounded muscle is a lot easier for most meshes to depict. I find most figures can do at least a toonish Miss Universe, but fail at the defined joints, ribs, and back of a regular thin woman. Wrists, ankles, hands, and feet especially.

    She obviously has a pretty decent resolution, so that might be enough. But even if she can only do rounded and smooth, though, that's really OK. Kind of like Apollo. You can get a lot of flexibility and diversity within the boundaries of smooth, simple lines.

    Also to be clear, I wasn't trying to imply that the initial package should include morphs or some such. I just wanted to know if she had been designed to allow for a range of body definition. And that the answer outside of ribs is "No," isn't a big deal to me.

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  • @Ghostman Looking good. I assume that's with the new Definition Injection you created?

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    @Miss-B It is. :) Had a chance to test it yet?

  • @Ghostman Not yet, but will shortly.

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    @Ghostman Just download it and now testing. Looks great. Like this subtile details. Just enough to look great. :)

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    Merry XMas everyone! :)


  • @Ghostman Cool! Merry Christmas 🎄🎁!

  • @Ghostman Niiiiice! I tried out the Definition injection, and I like. ~smile~

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    @Miss-B Thumb in the cgb thread. ;)

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    @Miss-B Thumb in the cgb thread. ;)

    Thank you sir. ~wink~

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    Here a quick portrait with Anna. Very sweet character.
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