Change color wheel to CMYK?

  • I find that sometimes the colors in the color wheel are REALLY over saturated. I can tone them down using the CMYK sliders but it would be really convenient if I could just switch the color wheel to CMYK. Is there a way to do that?

  • Sadly, I don't know of a way to do that. I think one of the reasons we get drawn into using bold over-saturated colors is the small size of the color swatches and color wheel ...its difficult to pick something subtle. These days I use the color wheel but also display the "approximate color picker... with the sliders turned completely down and the grid turned off... this provides a large clear color swatch of whatever I am choosing with the color wheel ... sometimes I have it stretched really big on my second monitor.... Its not CMYK but maybe that will help with the more subtle colors.

  • You can only flip the colour wheel between HSV & HLS modes,

    However in File/Preferences/Colour Conversion you can set the RGB & CMYK profiles to see if that can help with colour selection.

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