How to swap left to right views while in tiled mode

  • So is there a way to swap the order of these images while viewing during tiles mode under canvas so that b will take a's position, vice versa? Thanks.

    0_1489584078591_Screenshot 2017-03-15 09.20.31.png ![alt text](image url)

  • If I am understanding what you want.... click on the name tag at the top...e.g. of the right image and drag it to the left... as it passes over the left image the left image goes red... but keep going leftwards and a then red line will appear to the left edge of the left image... let go the mouse and it will swap them...

  • Awesome - I was confused at first, but it was clear after re reading your instructions. I had to drag all the way till the edge until I saw the long red bar that stretches all the way from the top of the frame to the bottom of the canvas edge before releasing the mouse.

    Thank you again!!