Question about "Fix Pixel"

  • So i noticed there is an option in the "change resolution" tab called Fix Pixel. I'd like to know if using this feature is useful when increasing the resolution from lets say 150 to 300 dpi. How would this effect the print quality? I know it does this by adjusting the canvas size, I just want to know if this is an alternative to actually increasing dpi and having it turn into a blurry mess. Thanks in advance.

  • In terms of the digital image... if you set "fix Pixel" then the operation is going to have no effect... cos its the same number of pixels in the image. It can affect the print ... but I don't think its going to affect the image quality.... If your Print setting is "Scale up or Down according to paper" ( the setting I generally use that is in effect "fit to page") then again having rescaled with "fix Pixel" will have no affect on the outcome. If the setting is same "Same as Detail" then the effect is just that the image will just become smaller on the page and consequently per square inch of image will be compressed to a higher quality...just cos its small.

  • @888toto Thanks for the response. I think i get it now.