One of my brushes is not working with symmetrical ruler

  • I have been troubling shoot why one of my brushes is not working with the symmetrical ruler.

    The rest of my brushes are working fine without any issue.

    I am stumped.

  • On the Correction tab in the brush details... "able to Snap" must be set ( it usually is). If off it will not work with symmetry

  • Right so obvious.

    Thank you.

  • My problem is similar to yours. I follow through with the "able to snap" button and it did not work for me.

    I often have this problem and am wondering how to fix it. The "snap to special ruler" button doesn't seem to work sometimes when I am using the pen tool. Every so often I will create a perspective ruler, use the pen tool to draw and it will snap correctly, but when I disable the snap to do some painting and come back and hit the "snap to special ruler" again, it will not snap. I made sure to use the pen tool every time I need to draw while snapping to the special ruler. I have to restart my perspective lines again from scratch when this happens, which is hard to match up and really annoying. Help!