Problem with models existing on separate planes

  • roarra 2 minutes ago
    Hey everyone, I'm still pretty new to this program, and am using it as a storyboarding tool for a film I'm working on. But, I've suddenly ran into a bit of an issue. I used to be able to populate a 3D plane with several models and turn the camera every which way around them, with the models' position all staying in relation to one another - just as if you were to move a real camera around three actors.

    But now when I import a new character into a scene they exist on their own separate 3D plane - so when I try to move the camera around them, it moves around that single character/model, but the other model stays in the same position.. like they existed in a completely different place.

    I probably accidentally hit something and it's an easy fix, but any help is appreciated. Thank you

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