Post apocalyptic future fantasy seeks best superfly settings for producing webseries.

  • Hi. I am new to Poser 11 Pro, and I am trying to figure out the best settings to conceivably produce some animated shorts. I realize that there will be some quality sacrifices that have to be made, but I am hoping to do the render inside of Poser without having to send the file out to Cinema 4D through Poser Fusion, but that is a possibility. I have daz/iray, and the iclone 6 pro products as well. Just looking for a way to make my Thundarr-like post apocalyptic future fantasy come to life!

  • Also, I am having a hard time finding tutorials to help me export correctly to cinema 4d in fbx or collada formats. The performance is much better, but for example, my characters clothes are pulled far from the body, but still connected, like the vertexes are connected as he walks, but the clothes stay still. Any ideas?

  • Dunno how much help this will be for you since I use Modo and not C4D, but here goes... I often use FBX to integrate Poser Pro 11 assets into Modo. The Poser assets are combined into a single figure from the Poser menu, Figure>CombineFigures... I tend to not use "Find Unseen Polygons" as the results are rather random. Then change the skinning type - Figure>Skinng Method>SimpleBonesSingleSkin. This way there's only one skeleton I have to deal with in Modo. Before exporting, make sure your figure is bending how you need it to. If not, you can adjust the weights using the joint editor and weight brushes. On initial import into Modo there's two steps before the assets are usable and displaying "mostly" correctly. a) all the weights need to be "normalized" and place into a "normalization folder". I don't know if there's an equivalent for this step in C4D. b) the bones all are scaled in a wonky fashion. By selecting all the bones (NOT in setup mode in Modo) and changing their scale back to 100%, the figure gets the right proportions back. Again, things probably work differently in C4DLand than they do in ModoLand. If you're not using combined figures and simple bones/singleskin, give that route a try. Best of luck and let us know how things go :)