Create new story from old .lip files

    • Say I have 100 .lip files from an old project done by CSP PRO (< 1.6);

    • now I have CSP EX (1.5.2) and I would like to convert suche files in a story and I don't have old CSP PRO anymore installed;

    • the easy (annoying) way is to create an empty story and import every page. It is annoying because you have to do it manually for each page (100 times!), no way to import group of files;

    Is there a way or a trick to do it quickly?

    Many thanks

    p.s. I tried to simply re-numerate the files .lip in pageXXXX.clip, forcing the extension, the system open such files but get an error when it saves.

  • Not sure if it would save you anytime, but I think you could create a 100 page story and then change the names of your existing files to match the individual files in that story, and overwrite the files in the story folder. Maybe it would work if you could batch change the file names.

  • Already done, unfortunately CSP ver 1.6.2 build a story with .clip file format. If you simply change the file extension from .lip to .clip CSP can read the file but can't overwrite.

  • So you'd have to open and resave each file to update the file structure? Sounds like you'll have to import them manually like you said.

  • I found import is the only way, unfortunately!