3d model not showing up when I make a new layer above/under it

  • Hello.
    I have a problem with the 3d models in my Clip Studio Paint software where I would drag and drop a model on the canvas like normal and the model shows up normally. But when I want to draw over it, it's supposed to lower opacity or look lighter, but instead the model just disappears. It would reappear when I click back onto the layer it's on but disappear when I click on a different layer. This is the same with objects/props.

    I tried reinstalling the software and it worked fine until I moved my settings over to the program. Sooo there's probably something wrong with the settings I have then but I don't know what? I know it's in the CELSYS -> ClipStudioPaintVer1_5_0 folders somewhere...
    Please help :( My models work fine on my Microsoft Surface Pro but idk what the problem is on my laptop...

  • Hi @4juum,

    There could be a problem with you graphics. Contact Smith Micro Support and they'll help you as soon as they can. Here is their e-mail: cs@smithmicro.com